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Our Horizons To Reach Greater Heights to Ensure Customer Satisfaction.
 Our Services
 What do we offer?
At Securocorp, our objective is to go beyond customer expectations and offer services that are unique only to us. As the only Complete cash and ATM Management Service Provider in the country today, this is our first step in fulfilling our objective.
We strive to offer you customized and cost-effective solutions. As your business partners, our goal is to provide you products that will enhance your ability to serve your customer better. Which is why we are constantly innovating and working towards bettering our services.
 ATM Management   Working for you, 24 hours
 a day
Our ATM management service, we will ensure that you maintain high levels of uptime, excellent quality of service and pleasing ambience at all the ATM centers.
 Cash Replenishment: We assure a constant cash flow at all ATMs. Our armoured vans, ATM officers and guards are appointed to assist you.
 Replenishment of Suppliers: Our personnel carry out constant checks to ensure the necessary stationery is available at the ATM center.
 Money Room Services: Trained cashiers sort currency into ATM usable and non-ATM notes.
FLM Calls: We conduct monthly preventive maintenance of the machine in coordination with the local company engineer. Moreover, a help-line given at the ATM center offers immediate assistance to customers.
Vendor Coordination: To ensure the smooth running of the ATM center, we regularly co-ordinate with UPS engineers, software/hardware engineers, a/c mechanics and electronics engineer.
Housekeeping: Specially trained personnel undertake the total maintenance of the ATM sites, including sweeping, swabbing dusting and the general beautification of the site.
ATM Guards: We can also provide armed guard for your ATM center. As an ex-serviceman, he would be well experienced in providing security services.

 2224Cash in Transit

You are in safe hands now
Whether it is transporting large amounts of cash or valuables, our cash-in-transit service is the ideal choice. We make use of heavily guarded, state-of-the-art armoured cars, accompanied by a driver and armed guards, for their safe passage.
As a bank, you will find this service extremely useful in conducting inter branch, RBI to branch and bank to customer transfer, both inter and intra-city. Even large departmental stores, institutes and corporates can avail of these services for cash and valuable transfers, within the city.
Some of our regular clients include Deutsch Bank. American Express, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, ICICI Bank, Adidas, Vysya Bank, NABARD and Bank of India.
Always on guard
Managed by Property Guard Security Services Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of Global Infotech Securitas Pvt. Ltd of the G-7 Securitas group, our ATM Guarding service is probably the most professional and sought after.
All Guards employed need to possess basic training before being recruited. Once at Securocorp, they undergo the most rigorous screening and training in the industry. They are trained in crisis management and are taught the rudimentaries of troubleshooting. Well versed with the workings of the ATM, they can provide assistance in case of any customer query.
 Collection Service
Doorstep delivery
Credit card companies, mobile service providers, insurance companies and several banks often place strategically located drop-boxes for collecting cash and cheque payments At Securocorp. We can collect cash and cheque deposits from your large distributor channel anywhere in the city. Enabling us to effectively accomplish this task is our infra structure and a vast network.
 Security Systems
Keeping a watchful eye
Securocorp is a non-stop security shop. Our hi-tech security systems will satisfy all your security needs. Our personnel will carry out a thorough on-site survey, only after which they suggest the best systems, keeping in mind your needs and your budget. You can choose from a range of equipments such as Close Circuit Cameras, Doorframe and Handheld Metal Detectors, Sweeping and Proximity Cards, Intruder Alarms and an Auto Dialer, to name just a few and custom-build your security system.
We have tied-up with several leading International Security System providers to enable us to offer customers the latest in technology over our competitors; it also inspires confidence among our customers.
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