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 Our Infrastructure

A strong backbone

Setting up a wide range of services requires strong capability and an expertise to match. But more importantly, it relies upon a sound infrastructure. At Securocorp, our infrastructure can handle a diverse range of projects and assignments.

Armored Vans

Our fleet of specially equipped armored vans, each with a driver and armed guards, is designed to manage the safe movement of your cash and valuables. Than van has a driver controlled access system, with this centralized security provision, any intruder/stranger cannot get access to the cargo of the van without valid identification and permission. We even check the identity of every personnel deployed by us very thoroughly, so that no contingencies occur in the last moment.
These semi-bullet proof vans are equipped with latest in security gadgets and a highly efficient communication system. A UHF wireless radio helps the driver stay in touch with the control room at all times. This assists in constantly tracking the position of the vehicle and also adds the flexibility to the entire operation. We will soon be upgrading our existing system to GPS van tracking. A high frequency hooter and a first-aid box are also provided in case of an emergency.
Regular vehicle maintenance and servicing, thorough inspection of the van before embarking upon the journey and coordination between the local police and authorities, on an overall basis ensure smooth and secure transit of your valuables. In the extremely rare case of a breakdown, back-up vans are kept ready.

Vaults and Cash Storage

While arrangements are being made for their transfer, your cash and valuables will remain safe in our vaults and special cash storage facilities in Mumbai. Strategically located near the RBI building, the vaults are manned by armed guards, 24 hours a day.
Built as per RBI guidelines, the vaults are equipped with the latest note counting machines, cash bins etc. We also ensure all valuables are received and dispatched under the watchful eyes of trained security personnel. Records are maintained regularly and can be produced for inspection at any given time. A continuous surveillance system records every movement in the area around the safe. Panic Switches, Hi-tech Alarm System, Modern IR Sensors, Access Control Systems and Motion Detectors make our vault virtually impenetrable to unauthorized personnel.

Control Room

Securocorp's Securocorp's nerve center, the control room keeps everything in order and ensures the smooth running of all operation. Specially designed, this has a round-the-clock facility that consists of a surveillance system, panic switches, a wireless base station, an on-line alarm system, closed circuit digital cameras and 24-hour VCR recording, motion and smoke detectors and an access control system. The control room is manned by armed guards, 24 hours a day. Adjacent to the vault and with our vans parked right outside, you are assured a faster response time.
Our specially trained personnel manage our efficient communication system, where they delegated your instructions and address any issues that may arise in the course of the operation.
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Mr. Vikas Verma
Chairman & MD
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