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Around two decades ago Vikash Verma, all of 19 years, a fresh Science graduate, national-level sportsman, with the background of professional Cricket and Jungle Hunting, entered the arena of Security. Crime henceforth became his opponent, and the protection of lives and assets became his mission. He took up this new challenge in right earnest, acquiring professional training as an alumnus of Institute of Security & Safety Management, obtaining the rank of Certified Security Consultant.


Armed with his training, Vikash saw the field was managed by retired personnel. Their approach did not extend beyond a uniformed personnel armed with a stick & the 'security agencies' were nothing more than a placement agency. A computer wizard himself, Vikash employed the world's latest communication equipments, introduced wireless, computerized electronic safety devices, and married these with the latest techniques in Security Management. Vikash Verma's professional approach changed the scenario in Private Security and gave birth to a completely new concept of Security Management.


And as they say "the rest is History", the Honorable Union Minister For Industry conferred an award on Vikash Verma's PROPERTY GUARDS as the Best Security Agency, for ushering in a new era in the business of Security Management. A good word always spreads & so did Vikash Verma's fame spread internationally. The Council of International Investigators (CII), USA, selected Vikash Verma to be its member and honored him to suffix 'CII' with his name. The World Association of Detectives (WAD), USA, too has honored Vikash with its exclusive membership. A challenge came in his life, when Warner Bros, approached Vikash Verma to provide total security cover to Hollywood mega-star and guru of Martial Arts, Steven Seagal. Seeing Vikash's expertise and high dedication to this assignment, Steven Seagal made Vikash his disciple. After this came a moajor milestone in Vikash Verma's career, when he was assigned to protect the most powerful man on Earth, The President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton during his presidency in the year 2000, on his official visit to India. Vikash along with his Commandos came out with flying colors by giving impenetrable cover to the President, brushing shoulders with White House Personnel, The FBI, Top security personnel from his personal security team and the Indian Law Enforcement agency.

Vikash Verma has been interviewed extensively on security issues and his view has received wide coverage in international and national newspapers, on Star TV, Zee TV and Doordarshan. These insights have benefited millions of viewers.

Today Property Guards Services Pvt Ltd has flourished and grown in leaps and bounds to become the G-7 Securitas Group, with a multitude of seven companies under Mr. Vikash Vrema's able leadership with branches spread across India and UAE (Dubai).

Bill Clinton
Former President of U.S.A
Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsift Corpn.
Ricky Martin
POP Megastar
Vinod Khanna
MP, Loksabha
Vikash Verma
Founder G7 Securitas Group
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