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Property guards Security Services Pvt. Limited, the pioneering, flagship Company of the G-7 Securitas Group.

More than three decades of the legendary saga of Property Guards, an illustrious great Indian Company in international arena; a team of hard core and global security professionals & combating veterans with thousands of highly motivated security personnel approach every day with critical challenge where every challenge is a critical mission; with focused and well defined approach in analyzing the arduous risk environment - assessment of security threats and perception; combining together a comprehensive task plan, elimination & the prevention of perceived risk, advance training & selection for both manpower and equipments& a well documented security standard operating procedures; to Government of India Undertakings, their vital installations, leading Private Sector corporate, financial institutions, companies listed under fortune 500 companies list and many other categories of Clients.

Not only the implementation of security solution, but monitor and analyze effectiveness, accompanied with training and upgrade capabilities. Corporate Intelligence Bureau, a division of Property Guards and other group companies a lethal combination of Intelligent Man, Machine and Animal has left no stone unturned to give complete blanket coverage to its clients worldwide. The core competencies of these warriors was seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art security technology systems and advanced weaponry and equipped with all possible infrastructure support and capability advancement systems. Turnkey Solution accompanied with judicious integration of systems and manpower is set to fit the application.

G-7 Securitas Group's flagship company Property Guards reached a major milestone, when it was assigned to protect the most powerful man on Earth, The President of the United States of America, and William Jefferson Clinton during his presidency in the year 2000, on his official visit to India. Property Guards Commandos came out with flying colours by giving impenetrable cover, brushing shoulders with White House Personnel, The FBI, Top security personnel from his personal security team and the Indian Law Enforcement agency.

Property Guards the only Security Company in India to obtain a License from Ministry of Communications - Government of India, in the year 1994, and cleared by Mumbai Police Department to operate an independent Very High Frequency (VHF) Wireless network all over India. Smt. Krishna Sahay, Union Minister for Industry, Government of India, awarded Property Guards the Best Security Agency Award and there by underlining a new era in the security Industry, Consequently, numerous other National/International awards followed.

Property Guards is the only Company which was recommended by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, to provide Arms License for sophisticated non prohibited weapons, to support the Government and the Private Sector of the country at their time of need.

The Only Certainty In Life Is Uncertainty.

Property Guards proved itself by tracking and recovering kidnap victims with the use of intelligent software and cutting-edge Israeli technology tools such as Radio Frequency Tracking Systems, GPS, Thermal Imaging and Biometrics. a fact of life. Few of them lost their lives in protecting others but never failed to live up to the Need of the hour. And, the tales in this saga of bravery with chivalrous spirit are endless, some substantiated and documented by mainline media and some undocumented true stories. As for them failure was unacceptable and hope was not the answer.

The End Result -- Unstinted Trust of Clients for Decades!

Live testimonials for more than three decades of continuous trust and faith till date of the Unit Trust of India the largest having more than 2 cores of customers, comprised of more than 300 armed and unarmed security personnel is a proven track record which exemplify our ultimate crowning feather of glorious achievements.

Question Mark about security (?)

The question mark about security has been looming increasingly larger with passage of time, especially, with the faceless terror being unleashed in the post 9/11 scenario. From the very beginning we recognized one key fact.

Security can only be sustained subject to adoption of constant up-to-date technology and idea. And, by adapting outdated ideas that have outlived their usefulness to currently emerging situations and facts.

Bill Clinton
Former President of U.S.A
Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsift Corpn.
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MP, Loksabha
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